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Project 1

Project: Exhibition stand design
Client: Russian Doll Ltd (for RS Components)
9 stills

Project 6

Project: Satellite models & animations
Client: Phlip
4 stills, (1 animation)

Project 2

Project: POS prebuild visuals
Client: CPM United Kingdom Ltd (for ASDA)
3 stills, (1 animation)

Project 7

Project: Unilever House model & animations
Client: Redtray Ltd (for Unilever)
10 stills, (1 animation)

Project 3

Project: Budbox visuals
Client: Global Hydro
8 stills

Project 8

Project: Housing development models
Client: Flair Studios
9 stills

Project 4

Project: Avaya phone model & animation
Client: Redtray Ltd (for Google)
3 stills, (2 animations)

Project 9

Project: Multipurpose unit visuals
Client: CPM United Kingdom Ltd
9 stills, (2 animations)

Project 5

Project: Roadshow trailer prebuild visuals
Client: Russian Doll Ltd (for Kodak)
7 stills

Project 10

Project: Personal projects
Client: N/A
23 stills, (1 animation)